JetCart 5

Colin Furze’s JetCart Rockets to 60 MPH

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YouTuber and trained plumber, Colin Furze is also an inventor and lover of the eccentric. Billing his newest creation as “the most MENTAL kart EVER,” Furze has had a long history of taking conventional modes of transportation and making them wildly impractical and just plain awesome.

JetCart 1

Following the mantra of bigger is better, his resume of crazy inventions includes “a jet bicycle… a stretched motorcycle, a flame thrower scooter, and a bicycle with tires made entirely from ice” according to Art of Gears.

His most recent may be his greatest work yet and the name JetCart says all you need to know about the flame spewing go-kart from hell.

Furze enlongated the wheelbase of the kart to accommodate the thrust and exhaust outlets hanging over the rear end. The fuel system accommodates both diesel and gas. The gas is used for idling and the diesel is used to propel the kart forward.

JetCart 3

This project will do very little to advance science and technology but it is really freaking cool. Furze is extremely pleased with the results and seems to be on his way to developing another over-the-top invention. Looks like Mario’s Kart isn’t king anymore.

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