CES 2015| A “Wacky” Sensor That Tells You Whenever Your Trees Are Thirsty

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” — Audrey Hepburn

Tree watering is a key part of plant care and it’s difficult to recommend an exact amount due to the varieties of climates. Too much or too little may kill your plants. What could help you to water your plants properly?

The answer is Flower Power H2O, a smart sensor that helps water your plants using exactly the right amount of water at exactly the right time. It also gives you personalized advice through the free iOS and Android dedicated apps which will alert you whenever your plants need care. The products had been introduced last year, and at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Parrot officially debuted the new version of its plant sensor.



BN-GG451_Parrot_G_20150104173107So why is the Flower Power H2O an incredible tool for those who love gardening?

The device has a built-in irrigation system that can turn just about any screw-top bottle into a water reservoir, giving you up to 3 weeks of autonomous irrigation during your holidays and family trips. The Flower Power H2O is designed to become your plant’s doctor. It measures and monitors levels, fertilizer, sunlight, and even temperature of the plants to make sure that your plants are growing perfectly and healthily.

“Parrot works with universities and top laboratories to make the result of this research more widely available. Tests have been conducted on hundreds of plants in the lab of Wageningen University in the Netherlands,” said Parrot’s Spokesman.

Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and a database of over 7,000 plants, the Flower Power H2O is capable of providing your plant’s factsheet, find out about its origins, basic needs and many practical tips. “The little gizmo, cutely shaped like a branch, pairs with an app to track your plant’s every nutritional intake,” said Alexandra Chang from Wired Media.




This short video helps you to imagine how the device works:

There are no details about price or release date of the device yet, but we will keep you posted from Parrot.

“Gardening is how I relax.” — Oscar de la Renta. With Parrot Flower Power H2O, you can now take good care of your plants with little effort.

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