CES 2015| Apple Debuted iHome Kit, Shows Off Its Vision Of Internet Of Things

They still think differently.

Steve Jobs used to say: “An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator…they are not separate devices”. In fact, Apple has drawn an infinite plan for its products, with a vision of reinventing the Internet of Things in the near future. Last June, Apple announced that they want to build a completely smart home with your iPhone as the main controller. And at CES 2015, we’re finally starting to see some products of that “iHome” plan.


The first Apple iHome Kit’s product is a device to help iOS users to control any connected device using Siri. It comes with three versions, the iSP5 version will be a pass-through for devices with three-prong wall plugs; and the iSP6 version will add a USB connector while the iSP7 version will be a remote control. A companion app called iHome Control, when installed into SmartPlugs, will let you turn devices on and off just by speaking into your iPhone or iPad. For example, you can make a command like “Turn on Heater” while you’re heading home or “Turn off TV” when you’re already away. SmartPlug is supposed to go on sale this spring, but no pricing has been announced yet.




This device is a wonderful idea to turn your house into a truly smart home. It’s easy to setup and provides ultimate flexibility by freeing users from closed systems. Multiple control and scheduling options are great functions to ensure your home is exactly as you like it. Using Siri as a home assistant, Switch lets you communicate with Siri to control products, rooms or even your entire home. Once the command is made, Siri will then report her work to you. For example, you can tell Siri to turn on your house. Siri will then follow your command, and also report to you that the lights are turned on.



zuli-smart-plug-1218-970x649Switch will hit the stores in the first half of the year with prices starting at $49.99. And if you want to be the first to hear when Switch is on sale, submit your email here.

It’s unclear why Apple introduced Switch as iDevice’s first product, and SmartPlug as iHome’s first product since the two products are pretty similar in terms of concept and technology. We’re trying to clarify information from our Apple source and will update to you soon.

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