BMW iHydrogen Is Taking Shape

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It took Toyota more than 20 years to study the hydrogen technology, and so did BMW. The German automaker claims it has been working on hydrogen-powered cars since 1984. And the result of that research is this sleek-black BMW i8-like concept.

BMW calls its new prototype as “eDrive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype”. Powered by a completely electric, 272-hp powertrain, the car uses many i8 components, except the space typically occupied by the rear seats is instead taken up by the hydrogen-electric engine. The car has been receiving quite a lot negative comments about its exterior design, but BMW would rather focus on the hard core at this step.

Needless to say, BMW has always been interested in hydrogen since the company has claimed repeatedly that the battery-electric vehicle is a solution only for small and mid-sized cars. Moreover, BMW blames the costs of building electric-charging infrastructure, which seems to be unfair because the costs of creating a hydrogen infrastructure is not a small number either.

The next few years will have the answer for whether we should go for hydrogen or full-electric.

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