Dubai Blockchain

Blockchains Cities of the Future – Dubai

Whether tourists, visitors, holidaymakers or residents, Dubai is a cultural and technological oasis in the deserts of the UAE. Its reputation precedes it as a pioneering city in the Middle East, a reputation in the making. The level of economic and cultural dynamism that marks it out is also the case for its technological feats.

Back in 2016, Forbes pointed to Dubai as a city on the rise, embracing Fintech on its meteoric rise upward. And far from just innovating for the future, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid aspires to put the people first. And with blockchain, Sheikh Mohammed also wants to give Disneyland a run for its money; creating the happiest, Smart City on earth.

Smart City – Dubai 2021

The city already boasts countless E-services, making up a patchwork of different digital services islands amid the cities ocean. So the question comes up: why not link them all together? Allowing for users to plug into all the city has to offer, while serving as a model for up and coming nations.

The city has wholeheartedly embraced blockchain technology, seeking to apply it to every facet of Emirate society. Even within the seats of political power in the nation, streamlining the country:

“Adopting Blockchain technology Dubai stands to unlock 5.5 billion Dirham in savings annually in document processing alone — equal to the one Burj Khalifa’s worth of value every year.”

With blockchain and the happiness of the people at the centre of its initiative, Dubai seeks to benefit the people, economy and the environment.

Dubai’s Four and Six: Pillars and Objectives

What stands as the foundations of this initiative are four distinct pillars and six objectives for its vision. These objectives will allow the city to utilise its services, policies and resources with maximum efficiency.

 1 – Seamless 

Integrating daily life and services: From transportation, to daily transactions

 2 – Efficient

Optimising the use of resources available in the region

 3 – Safe

With a streamlined system: an adaptive, highly secure system to safeguard businesses and individuals

 4 – Personalised

Enriching the lives of those who use it at every level

Over the coming years, the initiative has highlighted over 100 different KPI’s benchmarking Dubai’s grand transformation. Underneath it all stands six objectives for the city to obtain, all with the help of blockchain’s distributed ledger technology.

1- Building a Smart, Liveable and Resilient City      2 – Globally competitive economy powered by disruptive technologies
3 – Interconnected society with easily accessible Social Services   4 – Transport powered by Autonomous and Shared Mobility 
5 – Using ICT solutions to improve the environment     6 – A lean, Digitalised Government powered by blockchain