Bicycle-Mounted Device Projects Signals On Cyclist’ Backs

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“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.” — Jerry Dunn

Whether to wear the customized pair of gloves that have LED lights on them in order to signal other drivers, or painting your bicycle wheels with the spray-on reflective paint, there’re so many ways to be a cool and creative cyclist. And the latest way is to mount a device that projects signals on cyclist’s back. Luckily, at present any kind of a best small projector is available at the market.

bicycle-turn-signal-digital-projector-cyclee-elnur-babayev-1Conceived by Elnur Babayev, a designer from Azerbaijan, the Cyclee will display different illuminated signs depending on the rider’s actions. All these projected images can be modified on mobile devices and transferred to the projector, which then displays the appropriate signal on the cyclist’s back.

bicycle-mounted-projector-cyclee-elnur-babayev-4 558af558182d2 Although, Babayev hasn’t given out that many details, I think this device is a super brilliant idea, so let’s discuss some ideas that can make it even more advanced.

In my opinion, the Cyclee needs to connect with some kind of GPS-direction apps, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps in order to get the information of the cyclist route, and therefore, automatically project the appropriate signal. By this way, once the cyclist sets his/her route, he/she will then be free from adjusting the projected images.

Another idea is to have a Cyclee app on smartwatches, such as Apple Watch, which is a wonderful product for getting GPS directions. Having to wear a smartwatch on his/her wrist, the cyclists would be able to quickly access Cyclee and learn which signal is being projected, and/or adjust the projected image in case he/she wants to change the route.

TechDrive will contact Babayev to discuss about these ideas and will update you about his work soon.

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