Audi Is Planning On Sending A Rover To The Moon

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To the moon and back!

Google is funding new-age space race, a competition to see who can be the first to put a rover on the moon and cover 500 meters across the lunar surface, all while beaming back high-definition footage to Earth.

Although Audi is not officially entering the XPRIZE comp, the winners of which will score a cool $30 million, the ‘Part-Time Scientists’ team is being supported by the German car company, whose Munich design studio has made “revisions” to the team’s rover, which will now be named the ‘Audi lunar quattro’. The rover features super-lightweight construction, electric mobility and piloted driving. All the technologies Audi is crazy about right now are condensed into this small machine the size of a toy buggy.

audi_lunar_quattro-6Audi said in a press release last week, it is supporting the Part Time Scientists with its knowledge in several tech fields, “from quattro all-wheel drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving.” In addition to know-how, Audi will hopefully give the team the funding it needs to get their rover up where it belongs.

Audi and Part Time Scientists hope to launch to the moon in 2017. Good luck to all the entrants!


Source: CNET