Announcing Our Speakers For Next Week’s The Future Of Travel Event

Louise O’Riordan, VP Brand Partnerships Surf Air
Louise O’Riordan is the VP of Brand Partnerships and Events at Surf Air. In 2014 she Founded Lola Branding, a consultancy for lifestyle brands across events, celebrity gifting, brand partnerships and business development. She has vast experience in the field of global brand direction and expertise in cultivating luxury lifestyles. So far she has been taking the reigns of the event and ensuring everything comes out perfect. From the largest details like the venue and date, to the smaller ones like ordering a portable stage for the presenters, she has proved invaluable, and great under pressure.

Numaan Akram, Founder Rally Bus
Numaan Akram
Numaan Akram was raised as an entrepreneur, schooled a scientist, is a developer by trade, but is a founder at heart. He founded Rally Bus in 2010, a service that connects people who are traveling to the same place and delivers high-end buses to get them there and back. He also has experience as a freelance developer for Psyography, the internet source for biographies on psychologists.

Jahan Khanna, Founder Sidecar
Jahan Khanna
Jahan Khanna is the Co-Founder of Sidecar, a ridesharing operating out of San Francisco. This service is now spreading to eight other markets nationwide. Previously he co-founded Shephard Intelligent Systems after he completed his B.S.E. in computer science engineering.

Daniel Ruch, Founder Rocketrip
Daniel Ruch
Daniel Ruch is the Founder of Rocketrip, a service intended to change the ways employees spend money by incentivizing saving on travel costs. A long time entrepreneur, Ruch has a bounty of experience in the fields of online advertising and digital strategy.

Jeremy Guillory, COO Startupbootcamp
Jeremy Guillory
Jeremy Guillory is the COO at Startupbootcamp, a company that accelerates teams working on hard problems in the transportation of people and goods. Guillory has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, engineer, and product designer.

Marcus Weller, Founder Skully
Marcus Weller
Marcus Weller founded SKULLY SYSTEMS, which pioneers advanced Heads-Up Display technology solutions for the head protection industry, in 2013. He is an advisor for the NASA Ames Research Center and has a doctorate in industrial psychology.

Geoff Mathieux, CEO and Co-Founder Wingz
Geoff Mathieux
Geoff Mathieux is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wingz, a community marketplace that pairs people seeking a ride with someone that can provide the service. He has 20+ years of successful experience in tech startups, management, consulting, fundraising, marketing and business development.

Timothy Papandreou, Director, Strategic Planning and Policy SFMTA
Timothy Papand
Timothy Papandreou is the Director of Strategic Planning and Policy at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. He provides team leadership, transportation planning and policy. He is an industry leader and recognized expert on planning and design, operation, project delivery, and sustainability.

Scott Eddy, Glbal Brand Ambassador Zipkick
Scott Eddy
Former stockbroker turned social media influencer for the travel industry. Scott works with travel companies to take them from a dinosaur mindset to a digital mindset, and how to develop a brand personality.

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