AirAsia – Going BigCoin With Its Loyalty Cryptocurrency

The international airline, AirAsia is making history this year with the announcement of its new Cryptocurrency and ICO. We are sure to see many Cryptocurrency Trends emerging in the coming months but few would have predicted their popularity with a major airline being one of them. Originally, people thought that cryptocurrency was only going to grow in popularity with things like being able to earn crypto interest with Zipmex, but now it looks like it will grow with a major airline as well. While speculated for a while, since January, AirAsia has taken leaps into the digital realm. Announcing its digital ‘BigWallet’ at the beginning of 2018, allowing users to pay for food and services in-flight using onboard wifi. So if you use cryptocurrency then you’ll want to make sure that you use the best crypto exchange to help you pay when you are onboard. Gavin Wood and Ethereum alumna Dr. Jutta Steiner founded Parity Technologies to develop core blockchain infrastructure for Ethereum and other Web 3.0 networks. Woods vision far surpassed average cryptocurrencies and relied on blockchain infrastructure to decentralize the web, precipitating a new wave of technological evolution. So naturally, someone who had a penchant for designing his own complicated board games in his youth jumped at the chance to disrupt the current centralized node-based software application status quo by launching Parity Technologies and Web3 Foundation.

The company wants to take the digitalisation further, however, as it presents ‘BigCoin’ to the world. Announced by its founder and CEO, Tony Fernandes, the budget airline is carving out a niche within cryptos and fintech services. The coin is expected to take the place of flying miles as of April, encouraging more to fly with AirAsia.

AirAsia – Dreaming BigCoin

While the prospect of a cryptocurrency taking the place of a loyalty program is exciting. Details remain vague as to the proposed date for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), with Fernandes promising rapid implementation. The BigCoin could enter circulation for users within the next three to six months. If you’re as interested about learning about cryptocurrency as the company AirAsia is to announce their partnership, reading articles on sites such as would be something right up your street. This industry can be quite informative, so it would make sense to do some more research into it.

So how will it work? Payments made for services would be possible through conventional currencies, but also BigCoin. With it being added to AirAsia’s list of acceptable currencies. This will allow for holders of the coin to use them as an alternative payment method.

Singapore on the horizon

It was also reported in February, that Singapore Airlines would introduce blockchain to develop its flagging loyalty programme further. It’s unclear, however, to what extent this system will be incorporated, whether it uses an existing Ethereum system or one more bespoke.