5 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Volkswagen Service Center

Is your Volkswagen making noises that make it sound like a steamtrain? Perhaps it’s been struggling to start, has stalled multiple times, or is overheating. Or maybe it did all of these before its check engine light came on.

Those are all signs you need to get your VW serviced. Otherwise, your car may break down in the middle of the road.

Before that happens, bring your ride to a reliable Volkswagen service center as soon as possible. The sooner you have a pro inspect, fix, or tune it up, the lower the odds of your car failing at the worst moment.

We’ve shared our top tips for choosing a VW service center you can rely on, so read on. 

1. Stick to a Nearby Volkswagen Service Center

With over 600+ Volkswagen dealerships in the United States, chances are you live or work near a few of them. Luckily, most have in-house repair and service departments.

To find the closest ones, enable your Internet browser’s location services first. If you have a VPN running, switch it off in the meantime. Then, conduct an online search using the keywords “Volkswagen service center near me.”

Alternatively, you can use specific search terms, including your location. For instance, if you live in Bakersfield, CA, you can type “Volkswagen Bakersfield service and repair facility.” This will give you more accurate results (and you may not have to turn your VPN off, either).

One reason to stick to a nearby Volkswagen service center is to make it easier to bring your ride to them. This is especially crucial if your car is acting up in a way that you think it’s about to break down. By choosing the closest repair and service facility, you can minimize travel time and reduce the odds of your VW stalling or dying while in transit. 

2. Ensure It’s an Authorized Service Center

Please ensure you bring your Volkswagen only to a VW-authorized service center. This is even more crucial if your vehicle is still under warranty.

Now, it’s true that having your car repaired by an independent repair shop won’t void its warranty. However, if the service turns out to be shoddy, it can result in further damage to your ride. If this happens, your warranty may not cover the damage resulting from the faulty repair.

That’s a good enough reason to have your ride serviced only by a Volkswagen-authorized center. This ensures that only VW-certified technicians will work on your vehicle.

Volkswagen-certified technicians have undergone extensive training for the German carmaker’s specific products. They know how your VW works, the appropriate maintenance it requires, and how to fix it correctly. They’ll conduct the services your ride needs according to Volkswagen’s high standards.

Another reason to bring your ride to a VW-authorized service center is to ensure it’ll only receive genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.

You can usually tell you’re dealing with an authorized dealer and service center because they only work on the products of a specific carmaker. So, an authorized VW service center will only service vehicles made by Volkswagen or those with brands that VW owns, such as Audi, Porsche, and Bentley. 

3. Look for Service Specials

Once you’ve narrowed your list to at least three authorized service centers, check if they offer special deals. The most reliable ones often do; for example, you may find discounts ranging from 10% to 20% off on all services. Taking advantage of these can save you hundreds of dollars on your bill.

Another example is the Wild Card promotion, a deal offered by the folks at Volkswagen Bakersfield. With this, you can get a discount of 10% off your final bill if it’s between $100 and $249. This goes up to a 12% discount for spending $250 to $499 and 15% off a $500 to $999 bill.

You’ll often find promotions for tire replacements, too. A popular one is a tire store price match guarantee. With this, you can get a refund if you find lower-priced tires within a specified time, usually 30 days, from when you purchased yours from the center.

Some dealers also offer discounts for brake pad replacements. With these, you may get up to 10% off on pad or lining replacements, brake fluid top-ups, and hardware inspections. 

4. Check the Center’s Amenities

Depending on what your Volkswagen needs, its servicing may take several hours to a few days. So, when choosing a service center, consider the complimentary amenities it provides. At the very least, it should offer the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection
  • Business workstations
  • Children’s play area
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Vending machines
  • Comfortable lounges

If your Volkswagen’s servicing will take a few days, the service center should assist you in getting a rental car. The most reliable ones often keep an extensive selection in-house. They also provide a courtesy transportation shuttle for customers. 

5. See if VW Service Xpress Is Available

Offered by some service centers, the VW Service Xpress lets you bring your ride in for service without a pre-booked schedule. You don’t have to have an appointment, which could be ideal if you’re in a pinch due to a sudden breakdown or simply strapped for time.

Some of the services you can get with the VW Service Xpress include the following:

  • Oil and filter replacements
  • Air and cabin filter replacements
  • Exterior bulb replacements
  • Tire rotations
  • Battery diagnostic checks and replacements

The VW Service Xpress also caters to Carefree plan owners. So, if you have this maintenance plan, you can have your car get all its service intervals without booking an appointment. 

As a bonus, the certified technician who completes your service will also give your ride a complimentary multi-point inspection. 

Find a Reliable VW Service Center ASAP

Whether you’re looking for a Volkswagen service center in Bakersfield, Austin, or Memphis, confirm that it’s a VW-authorized facility first. This way, you can rest easy knowing that only factory-trained experts will handle your precious ride. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your car will only receive authentic replacement parts.

Besides, bringing your vehicle to a VW state-of-the-art facility also means you’ll enjoy many complimentary services.

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