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4 Signs You Need Your Car Serviced

Americans love their cars. But apparently, we don’t do a good job of maintaining our vehicles.

A study of 2,000 American car owners discovered that 25% know their vehicle needs repair but drive it anyway.

Getting your car serviced prolongs its life and keeps you safe on the road. When it’s time for a repair, your vehicle will let you know.

What are the signs your car needs a checkup? Here are the top four.

1. Get Your Car Serviced if It’s Vibrating

Sometimes the reasons to get your car serviced are obvious (like your vehicle is vibrating), and sometimes they aren’t (like VIN verifications, which this blog article explains). Do yourself (and your passengers) a favor: if your car is vibrating, take it in for an auto repair.

Vibration is typically due to a defective tire. The tire may be bent, worn, or out of balance. Although not as common, vibrations can also be due to a broken radiator fan, a loose suspension system, or worn-down brake rotors.

The vehicle may shake up and down, or you may feel vibrations through the steering wheel or brakes. Regardless, vibrations signal it’s time for a car repair.

2. Take It to the Shop if You See Oil Spots

Sure, it’s easy to pretend you don’t see the spots around your car. But oil specks are one of the most-neglected signs your car needs repair.

Most oil leaks occur from defective engine gaskets or oil seals. A repair technician will crawl beneath your vehicle and check the oil pan seals and drain plug. If that looks good, then the mechanic will inspect your valve cover gaskets.

Ignoring a leak can cause the oil to drip onto rubber hoses and deteriorate them. Leaking oil is also an environmental hazard. But most importantly, leaking oil can lead to engine failure and a vehicle fire.

3. Visit the Mechanic if You Notice a Decrease in MPG

Paying attention to your vehicle’s gas mileage can help you determine when it’s time for a trip to AG Automotive or an auto shop in your neighborhood.

A decrease in gas mileage is caused by:

  • Clogged fuel injectors
  • Broken coolant sensors
  • Poor tire pressure
  • Damaged spark plugs
  • Dirty air filters
  • Bad oxygen sensors

If you notice you’re taking more trips to the gas station, get your vehicle serviced. Ignoring the problem can lead to irreversible vehicle damage and expensive repairs.

4. Odd Smells? Get Your Car Serviced

Weird smells are one of the most important signs your car needs to go to the shop. It’s okay if you smell a little bit of gas now and then. But unfamiliar smells mean something isn’t right with your vehicle.

Sweet smells signal a leak in your cooling system. Musty odors mean your AC evaporation may have mold. Burning smells signify an oil leak. A whiff of rotten eggs could mean you have a damaged catalytic converter.

If you notice any of these odors, get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. And while you’re giving it for service, you might want to consider modifying your vehicle a little bit. If you’re thinking about doing the same, you could start off by seeking advice from professionals on how to design your own tire covers and many more.

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Your vehicle tells you when something isn’t right. You just have to know the signs. Pay attention to abnormal smells, vibrations, and behaviors, and get your car serviced as-needed.

Also you might need to get your car serviced before getting a mobile roadworthy certificate. You’ll need one if you have plans on selling your vehicle, transferring the rego or moving to another state.

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