3D Print Clothing with Liquid

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There’s a shift in our world that could be one of the biggest changes we’ve ever seen. From the riots that demand difference in racial and social interaction to the incredible feats we’re taking in technology with robotics and artificial intelligence, and Electroloom is an unbelievable milestone forward.

Electroloom takes liquid sprayed onto molds and creates fabric and from there a full article of clothing without any sewing necessary. The brilliance of it however is that it makes the fabric from scratch. Using Field Guided Fabrication, also known as electrospinning, you can design an article of clothing in a program called a CAD and watch it come to life.

This technology completely changes the way our world would work, and when it hits our shelves it will usher an astonishing new age of manufacturing, decreasing sweatshops, increasing convenience and tailoring to your own creativity. When you think of how your children will be able to click “buy now” on a retail site and have it build in their bedroom is mind blowing.








The Electroloom puts a hole in your pocket with its kickstarter campaign isn’t the most traditional. Starting at $4,500 to get your hands on a beta that’ll print a total of two outfits in a cotton polyester blend. As a beta tester you’ll be able to get  your hands on one of the first printers and help the team build onto their product and perfect it. The company is working on providing silk and acrylic.


Source: CNET

Photo Credit: Electroloom

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