3 Ways Tech Startups Can Improve Quality Performance

As a tech startup, you just cannot afford to skimp on quality. Even well-established brands will suffer from quality mishaps, but they can at least bank on the years of solid service they’ve offered to make a comeback. When you’re a fledgling organization, starting with bad quality could immediately sink you. You will now be branded as a company that doesn’t care about its product and customers, and this can be almost impossible to come back from. But you can avoid all this by committing yourself to rigorous quality monitoring and improvement. Let’s take a look at a few ways tech startups can improve quality performance.

Commit to Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a management philosophy that aims at identifying wastes in processes and streamlining them. The most important part of continuous improvement is mapping out and monitoring your workflow so you can identify bottlenecks. Agile and lean management tools will facilitate this process. Here, we suggest you look at Kanban and how it could work for your organization. Kanban is a manufacturing system that allows you to feed tasks into a pipeline and see the progress of every task through swimlanes with columns representing every step of the task. With a Kanban tool, you can tell exactly how long it takes for a task to go through each step and who’s in charge. You will then be able to compile and analyze this data to make decisions. 

Implement a Quality Management System

Once your processes have been mapped out and streamlined, you can start establishing a real quality management system within your organization. A quality management system is a set of procedures, documents, and tools that aim at improving the quality of your finished product while aligning with a company’s goal.

Most companies that are serious about quality control will want to meet iso standards and advertise it as part of their brand. If this is something you’d like to do, then you will need to establish an iso 9001:2015 quality manual. If you want to learn more about the subject, you can check out Ledge Inc. They explain what an iso 9001:2015 quality manual is in detail and why any organization that wants to improve its quality standards should use one. They explain their benefits in detail and how to write one.

Improve Training and Recruitment

Once you’ve hired your dream team, you need to pay them! Human resources and payroll management are critical aspects of running a business smoothly. Partnering with a reliable company like DCI HR Consulting ensures that your payroll processes are accurate, compliant, and efficiently managed. Their expertise can also provide valuable insights into optimizing your HR practices for better employee satisfaction and retention. You can also ask them questions that demonstrate their commitment to quality. Situational questions work great there. You then need to stress the importance of quality control from the minute you onboard and train them and evaluate their performance on that aspect early and often.

These are all things you can do as a tech startup to make sure that your products are of the highest quality and are compliant. It takes the effort of everyone and solid systems in place to achieve this, so make sure that you have all the tools needed at your disposal and have a clear improvement plan.