Audi Virtual Cockpit: When Driving Is Gaming

“A brand is never allowed to lose its fascination.” – Floris Dreesmann, Head of brand strategy.

The heart of Audi beats in the development of technology. They’re a group that can not only establish a vision, but also be the first to implement it. They’ve already proven that in many years, whether it’s Quattro, TDI or Audi City. And this year, it’s Audi Virtual Cockpit.

Everything in view, directly in front of the driver – The Audi virtual cockpit, a fully digital instrument cluster, is completely driver-focused. The 12.3-inch TFT display depicts all the information in razor-sharp, brilliant clear and high-contrast quality. instrument panel puts everything directly in front of the driver’s eyes. The Audi Virtual cockpit combines the functions of a central MMI monitor and conventional instrument cluster in one unique screen. All the functions and services are exposed using superb graphics with 3D impression and detailed effects in brilliant clarity. At the same time, the driver has the choice of two views: the classic view or the “infotainment mode”.

To display the contents quickly and reliably, Audi is the first automotive manufacturer to use the quad-core Tegra 30 chip from the Tegra 3 series of Nvidia. It also comes with a new, smart MMI control concept, which enables drivers to enter commands by hand via the multifunction steering wheel.

To simplify the controls even further, the engineers at Audi have also reduced the number of function buttons next to the rotary controller from four down to just two. More compact and efficient than ever before!

This video demonstrates how the Audi Virtual Cockpit works:

The Audi Virtual Cockpit is first equipped on the new Audi TT Coupe. Share your comments with us.

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