CurbStand Lets You Pay For Parking Before You Hit The Road

While there may be many things to see and do downtown, the heavy traffic and numerous one-way streets can make Los Angeles parking a nightmare. There are so many parking lots and garages in Downtown L.A, you can barely go one block without passing one, or two or three!

As an L.A. native, CurbStand’s CEO Serge Gojkovich had suffered finding parking lots for a long time. “It had extremely ruined my schedule many times. I need to do something!” said Serge. Thus, he teamed up with CurbStand, a modern payment platform for the valet and parking industries that is founded by Owen De Vries, Moncef Abbou and Nicole Duncan. By providing a secure mobile payment transfer between customers and vendors, CurbStand allows cash-only valets to accept credit cards, while also providing customers an easy way to pay (and tip) for parking services. in Los Angeles, CurbStand currently services 125 valet stands and more than 170 businesses in the City of Angels including Nic’s Martini Lounge, the Victorian, Supperclub LA, Project LA, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Osteria Mamma, Philippe Chow, Sugarfish, Stout Burger, Malibu Café, El Compadre, Stella Barra Pizzeria and M Street Kitchen, among others. The startup is adding five to ten locations each week, expanding its service by 50 percent and increasing downloads by 25 percent between June and July.

“CurbStand is changing the landscape of the valet parking arena, introducing a new level of cashless convenience for consumers and greater innovation for valet operators,” said Gojkovich. “We’re already demonstrating rapid growth in L.A. and we have plans to unveil our app in six major U.S. cities within the next 12 months, as well as bring new groundbreaking features to our users.” CurbStand has raised $3 million from an unnamed private investor for its expansion. Hopefully, this investment will help the company to grow even more. Investors are often perfect for companies who might be needing some financial support. Companies all over the world look for investors constantly, so those wanting to grow their investment portfolio should consider finding some companies who might need help. Buying shares can be scary at first, but after reading about how to buy shares in south africa and other countries, it should be a lot more straightforward. Hopefully, this will allow more people to invest in smaller companies and help them to grow.

How CurbStand works

#1: Open CurbStand, locate the parking spot on your geo locator map, then simply make the payment to that parking location.

#2: Your receipt is automatically sent to your email address. You can view your most recent transactions both online and on your CurbStand app.

#3: No more running to an ATM machine. No more handing a credit card. Just show your transaction number and you are good-to-go.

You can download the CurbStand app here.

Sounds like it’s a perfect payment platform. I wish there was something like that for POS (POS means point of sale). You can also learn more here.

As if you’re based in San Francisco, Luxe App will help you to deal with the parking crisis.

“Be sure to keep up with us because we’ll be bringing a CurbStand cashless valet stand to your favorite venue, restaurant, bar or club, if we haven’t already!” said CurbStand’s Team. Share your comments with us.