Zubie And AutoNation Partner To Connect Auto Retailers With Their Customers


Zubie is a connected car service focused on making driving safer, easier and less expensive for consumers, small businesses and business verticals including automotive, insurance, and mobile/telecom operators. Crucially, this produces a customer centric experience. The company was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, with operational offices in the Minneapolis area.

Zubie has announced a partnership with AutoNation, one of the largest independent automotive retailers in the U.S.

The partnership started several ago and was announced last week. Zubie’s Dealer Platform and vehicle analytics assist AutoNation’s customers and enable them to easily interact with the AutoNation Customer Care Centers. The Zubie solution notifies AutoNation’s customers with real-time vehicle alerts related to engine performance, battery issues, and other maintenance related items. The Zubie service is installed in new and used cars sold at AutoNation dealerships, as well as cars returning for service.

When a problem arises in the car the Zubie dongle sends a report to the CRM system of AutoNation which triggers a corresponding alert to the driver.

With a Zubie enabled car, when an AutoNation customers check engine light comes on or is in need of scheduled maintenance, AutoNation can proactively and quickly communicate with the customer regarding the specific issue, and the customer can easily schedule an appointment, avoiding a car breakdown. Customers also receive valuable driving and vehicle health reports, helping to reduce the overall anxiety and costs of car ownership. They also provide help and advice for if the customer’s car ever does breakdown. They recommend having a warning triangle in their car, a tire changing kit and suggest customers know the number to contact their local tow truck in stockton just in case their car can’t be fixed on the side of the road.

AutoNation is continuing to innovate and learn from the use of solutions like Zubie’s, in order to strengthen its customer experience

The partnership will help dealerships organize service requests, bring business back to the service bays and encourage customers to return to their local AutoNation stores for maintenance and repairs.

Then, “if a customer has an issue with the vehicle, it is integrated in with AutoNation’s Customer Relationship Management systems,” said Prag Shah, Zubie’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Global Operations. As building strong customer relationships is important, finding ways to keep on top of it is important for any business, which is why many businesses will make use of the solutions provided by companies like W-Systems to help them keep on top of their customer relationships. Saying this though, if you have a number of contacts across various platforms and you know it will take a long time to send an email to each person, using programs that provide a contact syncing feature can make this a whole lot easier. This way, you can then begin to create those relationships that can help grow your business.

AutoNation will notify customers of maintenance issues with a phone call or email. Customers have a lot of anxiety at is, but with this new partnership there is now a more direct connection from the customer to the car dealership.

“We’re providing a service-business lift,” Shah said, and bringing “business back to the service bays, where dealerships build loyalty and revenue.”

Zubie is expanding globally into other markets. The company is working on improving the innovation of core cloud services, and cloud innovation. They are also working on other API partnerships, and want to extend eco system access through their Zinc platform.

Regarding connected car space, “The aftermarket potential for connected vehicle services is enormous”, Shah said.