Zeus App Is Making The World A Little Bit Safer


Founder Ali Zaidi announces the launch of his new personal security app for iPhone and Android.

After working hard to create a unique and truly enriched personal security feature for smart phones, the founder of Zeus now announces the official launch of his much anticipated security app. Zeus Alert is available now for iPhone users and Android users both on iTunes and Google Play. The motive behind this app is to help everyone be safe and have a way to contact their loved ones in matters of distress by just a tap of the screen. The app can be used in case of danger or an emergency to send an alert to enlisted emergency contacts. Ali Zaidi, the founder of Zeus Alert spoke about the motive behind this app and the work that went into it in an official statement.

“Zeus is an avant garde personal security app that I have put lots of hard work into. It is a one of a kind app that has a very clear and sleek user interface; it works swiftly so that the user can open it and send alerts without any problem. In the case of an emergency or any sort of danger, Zeus Alert can send alerts to the user’s already enlisted emergency contacts with just a tap of the screen. Zeus Alert boasts some very unique features that really do make the app a truly enriched personal security module. The app is now available on iTunes and Google Play for Android and iOS.”

Zeus Alert has heightened personal security via smart phone apps. Upon setup, the app allows users to enlist emergency contacts where they can add contacts of their family members, relatives or close friends. Once the user presses the alert button, Zeus Alert will send a text message, a Facebook status alert, and an E-mail to the person’s selected emergency contacts.

The app uses GPS technology to find the location of the person in danger. It automatically adds a link of the map in the alert text messages, after pressing the button. In addition, it also sends an alert to the emergency contacts via Facebook statuses and E-mail messages, so that the contacts can be notified in more than one way. The Facebook and E-mail alerts also contain map links for viewing the location of the user through the internet.
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Founder Ali Zaidi stresses highly on the importance of social media alerts. He believes that the social media alert feature is not only a truly significant improvement but it is also essential for a 100% seamless user experience when it comes to personal security apps. By alerting the emergency contacts in more than a single way, the chances of urgent help for the person in danger are higher.


The Zeus is now available for all Android and iPhone users. The official website for the app can be viewed at http://www.zeusapp.me where one can get more details and also download the app.

Contact: Hello@Zeusapp.me