You, JustDrive!

JustDrive app, is the latest and complete free app that brings the most important car service information for maintenance needs in one place as you go.

It provides choices like the nearest car repair shops, the closest gas stations, open car dealerships; it even creates custom alerts for your periodic vehicle inspections and information of your car insurance status. This means you will know when your insurance is about to run out well in advance, giving you sufficient time to check out www.MyCarInsuranceQuote.com to renew it.

You can record your expenses for gas, insurance, road taxes, fines or even car wash appointments. My favorite is that you can ask to play your favorite song from your phone, iHeartRadio or Spotify.

JustDrive also provides a Dashboard dictionary – that gathers the most important dash lights so you can always know what your car tries to tell you without going to a car service.

What we like about JustDrive is that the driver and remains current throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.