World’s Most Advanced Electric Longboards

“Skateboarding is training, but I don’t think of it as training. It’s fun!” — Shaun White Kushandwizdom

American people grow up with skateboards. It’s a very common gift to kids on their birthday or Christmas. And yet, it’s a great gift. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, you have probably skated at some point.

Skateboarding can be part of a daily commute since bicycles are too heavy or too bulky to be lifted up onto a train or bus. However, a regular skateboard is too slow to reach destinations.

Thankfully, this electric powerboard solves all those problems!

“This thing is a beast. I’ve yet to find a hill that I can’t climb at 20+ MPH. It really feels like you’re flying,” said Kacy Knight, Boosted Rider.


The Boosted Skateboard Dual+ is your new buddy. It’s an electric skateboard powered by 2000-watt twin brushless-DC motors, allowing you to reach speeds of 22 MPH and can climb an amazing 25 percent grade. Too fast for you? Don’t worry, the skateboard features custom controlled speed and power settings — Eco, Expert and Pro — making it easy for you to learn to ride this board. My friend who has one thinks it’s the best electric skateboard ever! Australian website The Adventure Lab have published a great buyers guide here that discussing everything you need to know when searching for an electric skateboard.


boards1Compared to the previous model, the Dual+ got a massive upgrade in terms of power and software in order to increase its torque and top speed. In addition, the lithium battery can be charged pretty fast — only 90 minutes. In Eco mode, the board can go for 7 miles, while the Expert mode allows you to go 6 miles, and 4.5 miles if you try Pro mode. It also depends on riding conditions, your weight (more or less than 185 lbs), and your rising style, you may be able to go farther than these numbers.

“I can’t live without it now. I often volunteer to do my household members’ bidding just to have excuse to get out with the board,” said Lionel Li., Boosted Rider.

Boosted Skateboard Dual+ is available for ordering now, with a price tag starting at $999 and comes with free shipping.

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