World’s First Luxury Yacht For Women

This Article Originally Appeared On Abc News

Now this is a girls’ getaway!

It turns out there’s a bit of gender bias when it comes to the world of luxury yachts.

While most travelers would be thrilled to be on any yacht at all, the very rich women of the world demand a different kind of luxe. And on the 260-foot La Belle, they’d find it.

What they won’t find on the proposed yacht: “any pool table or beer kegs,” said Lidia Bersani, the yacht’s designer.

“Today’s luxury yachts are primarily focusing on the entertainment and sports of men, with or without their girlfriends,” she said.

Bersani is an interior designer, who, through her work on homes and apartments has “learned to understand the desires and tastes of women. La Belle will be like a boudoir for women instead of a den for men.”

La Belle is a concept for now. But if it comes to fruition, it will include a spa, helicopter landing pad and fitness studio plus “lavish comfy chairs in front of the fireplace for those chilly evenings, space for ladies chatter, relaxing, watching romance movies and theater performance, listening to music or reading bestsellers. And most importantly, we also have space for a romantic dinner with your loved one and dancing under the moon till dawn. And all that surrounded by furs, silks, gold, pearls, crystals, music, aromatics and flowers.”

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