World’s First Golf Cart Reaches 118.76 MPH

It’s time to have a professional golf cart race.

A new record has been set at Darlington Dragway, South Carolina on October 31st by the Plum Quick Motors golf cart that was modified with Plum Quick’s “Black Ops” performance motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. With this new Guinness Record, the Plum Quick Motors broke its previous World Record of 103.65 MPH, which was achieved by Robby Steen driving a Plum Quick Motors golf cart at Darlington Dragway last year.

“At Plum Quick motors, we produce high-performance golf cart motors for a while range of applications including hunting, off-road, golfing, cruising and even racing,” said the company’s Spokesman.

Although a golf cart doesn’t have a fancy design, it may impress you by its acceleration. A golf cart can speed up or slow down precisely. Its acceleration is very strong and quick, yet quiet and smooth–just like driving other electric cars, but without the amenities of a regular street car, such as entertainment and leather seats.

Want to upgrade your current golf cart motor? Just provide the core and Plum Quick will make your cart go as fast as you’d like.

This video demonstrates the power of new Golf Cart World Speed Record:

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”– Mario Andretti

Do you agree with his statement?

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