World’s First Airport Uses Smart Floors To Make It More Accessible For Disable Travelers

Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

Among one of the busiest airports, there is an innovation that conducts the message they truly care. Last October, Edmonton International Airport, Alberta, Canada replaced its current floors with smart floors, which are designed to help visually impaired passengers better judge the distance to their gates.

20120516-gog517p4ful“Some Visually-Impaired passengers may have poor depth perception,” explained Heather Hamilton, Spokesman for Edmonton International Airport. “They can’t judge the distance to their gates with a long monochrome flooring in the terminal hall. The distance-varied tiles of the floor we installed, with its skinny strips graduated along the length of the terminal, let you focus your eye on the lower shelves and better judge the distance to the check-in counters. The two different colors of grey and blue also make it easier to judge the distance ahead”.

With a solid commitment to always improve their customer services and experiences, Edmonton International Airport has been collecting feedback from passengers. Helping passengers with limited depth perception to easily find their way through the Terminal was one of the suggestions that came out from those feedback.

20120516-gog517p2fulThis design is an advocate of art, which meets the needs of all travelers and gives the terminal a distinctive modern appearance.

Without question, airports around the world are becoming more and more accessible thanks to the advance of technology. You can read more about Airport Innovations here. Don’t forget to leave your comments for us.

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