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What Are the Top 5 Most Commonly Replaced Truck Parts?

Any downtime when your truck is off the road is going to cost you money in lost business. That’s why it helps to have a good idea of what sort of parts are most likely to need replacing so you can anticipate what’s required to minimize how long your truck is in for repair.

Knowing how and where to source international truck parts is also a good strategy, as well as having the knowledge of what you are most likely to need.

Here’s a look at some of the most commonly replaced truck parts.

Keeping the power going means having a good battery

Batteries are probably one of the most commonly replaced truck parts of all.

They should ideally be replaced every three years or so if you want to be sure that they perform at the best level and don’t let you down. It makes sense to have one in reserve for when that happens.

Tires are always going to need replacing

When you consider the wear and tear your tires are subjected to and the almost constant danger that you could damage one of your tires at any point it should be considered a top priority to have replacement tires in reserve.

Tires that are wearing a bit thin are also more likely to reduce your safety as they lose their grip. Another compelling reason to stock up on the tires you need.

A potential threat to your transmission that could be very costly

Another common truck part that needs replacing is your clutch and any related parts.

A damaged clutch has the ability to cause some serious damage to your transmission system. Check the state of the clutch frequently and be prepared to change it before it causes some expensive damage that could have been avoided.

You can’t take any chances with your brakes

Another obviously key component is your truck’s brakes. Without good brake pads, your truck will struggle to give you the control you need for the right level of safety.

Brake pads are a critical component at the heart of your truck’s braking system and their performance is integral to your road safety too.

Anticipate the need to replace your brake pads and check the state of the ones on your truck as part of your periodic safety checks.

A good way to avoid your vehicle overheating

Last but not least on this top 5 list is your truck’s water pump.

It should go without saying that a working water pump is at the very heart of your cooling system. If your pump is defective it could allow your engine to overheat with disastrous consequences.

Your truck engine could be seriously damaged in this scenario. Make sure your water pump is in perfect working order and be prepared to replace it at any point when it appears not to be performing as expected.

All of these truck parts are critical to keeping your vehicle on the road for the maximum amount of time each year. It pays to anticipate these potential problems and to know where you can get replacement parts in a hurry.