What Are the Top 10 Husqvarna Motorcycles of All Time?

Riding a motorcycle provides an unsurpassed feeling of freedom and adventure. Husqvarna is one of the oldest and most respected motorcycle manufacturers in history. Originally, in the late seventeenth century, the company produced muskets in a Swedish village of the same name.

Ultimately, Husqvarna became one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers after manufacturing its first off-road bike, the Motor-Velocipede. Since 1903, motorcycle enthusiasts have appreciated unique and incredible bikes that deliver more than expected. Discover the rich history of this brand and the top ten Husqvarna motorcycles of all time.

The Nuda 900R Is a Limited-Edition Dynamo

The Nuda 900R was manufactured for just two years, from 2011 to 2012, which means buyers should contact the husqvarna dealer about availability before choosing this dynamic model. This bike provides a superior supermoto experience, making it a favorite of dedicated riders. While the Nuda 900R has a historical following, it is also a reliable choice that delivers outstanding performance.

One of the Nuda 900R’s most outstanding features is its lightness, making it one of the most agile options. The roaring exhaust revs up the desire to get on the road and show off down the street. With its impressive torque and notable performance, this bike makes riders want to plan adventures to show off this one-of-a-kind bike.

The Norden 901 Is the Cool New Kid on the Block

Adventure seekers rely on Husqvarna to produce top-notch off-roaders that make the journey more exciting. With excitement in mind, the Norden 901 is one of the new kids on the block, and instantly makes riders want to plan their next excursion. This model shares the KTM 890 Adventure platform but is an evolutionary version with a different suspension.

Although the Norden 901 has the same engine as the KTM, its well-designed suspension offers superior performance. Additionally, this beautiful bike provides a sense of pride in ownership while delivering everything riders want from a high-fi ADV bike designed for adventure. Plus, an evolved electronics system makes this ride ideal for newcomers and long-term bikers.

The 8701 Enduro Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Affectionately referred to as a Husky, Husqvarna bikes are versatile choices, as evidenced by the 8701 Enduro.  While it has all the bells and whistles of a traditional Husky, this desirable model resembles both a touring bike and a large dirt bike. As a result, this is a favorite for riders who appreciate versatility and top performance in various situations.

Riders who are ready for long excursions tend to prefer the 8701 Enduro’s off-roading capabilities with a 633c thumper. The dual counterbalances, spot-on chassis, and roaring engine make this off-roader a reliable and tough choice for the most challenging expeditions. As a result, riders on a limited budget often make this the one bike they want in the garage.

The Most Fun on a 7701 Supermoto

Many riders discover they can have the most fun on a 7701 Supermoto, which seems to be designed for good times. The riding position and low mass make this bike ideal for doing stunts like wheelies and parking lot donuts or simply showing off. Plus, at 320 pounds, the bike can stand up to any rider’s silliest antics.

Some riders have compared the 7701 Supermoto to the famed Honda Grom. As soon as a rider gets on this good-looking bike, the inspiration for adventure takes over and propels them to their next memorable trip. From causing chaos to impressing other riders, the 7701 Supermoto is perfect for riders who want more attention.

The Vitpilen 701 Is Like No Other Bike on the Road

For riders seeking a bike that stands out from the clamoring crowd, the Vitpilen 701 exceeds all expectations. This unusual model resembles an original Husky that had an engine strapped to a basic bike frame. The modern version has a light chassis with a panoramic road view, bringing back simpler times and models created by the company.

Riders who like to keep it simple are always impressed by the Vitpilen 201 because of its minimalist appearance. Plus, the fantastic performance means this bike provides simplicity with the ride everyone likes best. For those who like to defy the norm, the White Arrow is sure to be a top choice with its notable Swedish design.

Hit the Street in Style on a Svartpilen 401

Adventurers who prefer to tackle the urban jungle over wooded trails appreciate the Svartpilen 401’s style and performance. The Black Arrow is based on the KTM 390 Duke design with a somewhat different engine to provide mid-range performance. For those who want to hit the streets, this bike looks like a scrambler but knows how to handle the city roads.

Plus, this model is specifically special because it is the first road bike produced by Husqvarna in more than fifty years. For the past five decades, the brand focused on enduro and motocross. However, now the company has re-entered this area and street bike enthusiasts are singing its praises for good reason.

Feel the Power of the FE 501S

A powerful ride is appealing to adventure seekers who want the assurance their bike can handle the trip. For those looking for the most powerful engine, the FE 501S delivers, with an incredibly responsive 510.9 cc thumper. Additionally, the model is light and compact, making it ideal for all types of road trips.

Riders who want the ultimate off-roader appreciate the attractive frame and impressive suspension in the FE 501S. Plus, the cutting-edge design proves how progressive Husqvarna has been in responding to rider’s preferences. This off-roader is both exotic and built to handle the toughest rides.

Try the Two-Stroke on the TE 300i

The TE 300i, a two-stroke motorcycle, is surprisingly more efficient than quite a few of the four-stroke models on the market. This efficiency level is based on Husqvarna’s use of technology, such as a Transfer Port Injection (TPI) to replace the MAP sensor oil injection, so riders can skip remixing oil and gas.

Also, the gearbox has a low first gear and clean firing, making this an outstanding two-stroke engine experience for motorcyclists who may not have experienced it before. The XACT shock and WP EXPLOR forks are standard for top performance. This bike can tackle all types of terrain, encouraging riders to take adventures to the next level.

McQueen and the Viking 360

The Viking 360 was owned by the legendary Steve McQueen, instantly making it a great choice. The bike weighed less than 215 pounds and was developed from a two-stroke engine. The incredible suspension meant this agile bike was a responsive off-roading choice.

Like McQueen himself, this motorcycle had impressive looks. Its bright colors and bold graphics made it stand out from the crowd. Finding one today is a quest, but it is worth the effort and time.

Motor-Velocipede Started It All

The foundation for all these bikes was the Motor-Velocopide. This was not an actual motorcycle, but an engine strapped to a bicycle frame. Made in 1903, this bike kicked off the sense of adventure riders enjoy today.

Husqvarna motorcycles provide outstanding opportunities for adventure and excitement. These well-designed bikes are both beautiful and reliable. Contact a dealer today to learn more.