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What Are the Best Apps for Macbook in 2020?

So, you’ve got a brand new MacBook and aren’t sure which apps you should download first. Or maybe you’ve had your MacBook for a while now and are interested in knowing what the best apps are so you can download the ones that you don’t have already.

Regardless of how long you’ve owned your Mac, you’re not going to get the most out of it if you don’t have a few of the best apps for Macbook downloaded. They can help make your experience on your MacBook that much better, as well as improve your overall productivity when in the office, too. 

So what are the best MacBook apps that are available to download today? And what makes these apps so much better than the thousands of others in the app store? We all want an app that makes watching our favourite programs easy to watch whenever and wherever we want, such as teatv for pc being one example. Finding these apps makes our screentime enjoyable, so it’s important to shop around for what Macbook has to offer!

If you’re asking yourself questions like this, wonder no longer, because we’ve got the answers! In this article, we’ll break down 6 awesome and free MacBook apps that are more than worth checking out and downloading today! BCA IT in Miami is a managed IT support provider can help you if you need more assistance.

Now then, let’s get started!

1. Alfred 4 

Your MacBook comes with a few different productivity tools, but if we’re being honest, all of them miss the mark. For instance, the Finder tool isn’t as good as the search functions found on other devices. And the Spotlight tool doesn’t do as much as we’d like, either.

The good news? There’s an app, Alfred 4, that fixes all of these problems for your MacBook for good! Within Alfred, you’ll be able to search your computer, find documents, and streamline your overall workflow.

This can help you get whatever it is you need to get done much faster, which of course, is always a good thing.

2. Google Chrome

Even if you’re a big fan of Safari, Mac’s default internet browser, it’s a good idea to download Google Chrome for your MacBook, too. Google Chrome is superior to Safari in a few different ways, making it the ideal browser for certain situations.

For instance, Google Chrome’s extensions usually work better than Safari’s. So if you need a good ad blocker to visit a spammy website, using Chrome to browse that site is a good way to keep your MacBook safe.

3. Evernote

Your MacBook comes preloaded with both Notes and Stickies, two different tools that you can use to jot down various things quickly. But like the Finder and Spotlight tools, both Notes and Stickies aren’t the best at doing what it is they’re trying to do.

And, of course, there’s an app available that makes note-taking a much easier task to do: Evernote. Evernote combines everything there is to love about Stickies and Notes and builds upon it, making many improvements.

Also, you can’t beat the convenience of only needing one app instead of two.

4. Day One

Did you know that keeping a journal can be a huge positive for your mental health? It’s often be said that writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic, so if you feel like it might help you, consider downloading Day One.

Day One is a journal app that combines the best of modern technology with a traditional journal. Of course, you’ll be able to write down your various thoughts and vent about your day. You’ll also be able to add photos and videos, too, which is pretty neat.

If you’re worried about privacy, the app is password protected. That means it’s probably much safer than a traditional journal that you hide in a drawer in your nightstand.

5. Spotify

If you’re someone who works on your MacBook quite often, odds are you do so while listening to music or podcasts. And if you don’t have it downloaded already, Spotify is an absolute must-have for any MacBook user.

The ability to listen to music and podcasts within one app is a huge plus. And while the app is free, it’s worth it to pay for a premium subscription, to unlock a few more useful features, as well as remove any ads.

6. MoneyWiz 3

When it comes to the best financial software for Mac, MoneyWiz 3 is easily the best option available today. It does everything that all of the paid apps do, and some things it does better, despite being free to download.

With MoneyWiz 3, you’ll be able to manage all of your bank accounts, budgets, and even pay your bills all within one app. That makes keeping up with your personal or professional finances much easier, especially if you have multiple accounts.

The 6 Best Apps for MacBook

Well, there you have it! Those are the 6 best apps for MacBook that are available for free download, as well as a brief breakdown of what makes them so great.

As you can see, regardless of what it is you’re trying to accomplish, there’s an app out there that can help you make the process that much easier. Alfred 4, in particular, is a great first app if you’re looking to improve your overall productivity.

Google Chrome and Spotify are super popular, and for good reason, as they’re both excellent apps. If you’re looking to take notes, or even keep a journal, both Evernote and Day One are worth checking out.

Last but not least, if you’re trying to keep up with all of your finances in one spot, give MoneyWiz 3 a shot. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to track where your money is and where it is going once you have MoneyWiz 3 on your desktop.

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