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Want To Exchange Your Skills For A Local Tour Guide? Check Out These 5 Startups

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” — St. Augustine

Keiichi Iwasaki left his home in Maebashi, Japan in April 2001 with just 160 yen — about $2 — in his pocket with the intention of biking through Japan. And if you think riding 5 miles to work is exhausting, imagine riding your bike 35,000 miles through 38 countries in more than 8 years. Yes, Iwasaki’s trip has soon become an around-the-world journey on his 2-wheel buddy. “My life will soon be over before I do what I want to do!” said Iwasaki. And in order to fund his travels, he performs magic tricks on the street. What an amazing guy! (Click here to follow him on Facebook)

There’s a popular saying that travel matures you, that it forces you to grow up. Luckily, you don’t need to be rich to travel the world. Your skills can be your currency, and by exchanging your skills, you may have free accommodation, or even get a local guide as well. Check out these five startups:

Exchange language lessons for housing

GoCambio is a great tool that connects travellers with local hosts who will provide a place to stay. And in return, their guests — travellers — spend a few hours each day speaking to hosts in their native language (English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.). This exchange provides real value that is mutually beneficial to the host (who wants to improve his foreign language speaking) and to the guest (interested in experiencing the real local lifestyle) so both sides make out.

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Pick a local guide cum driver

Dopios is a Greek startup that connects travellers with locals who serve as guides and drivers in more than 80 countries. Make new friends and get the most from your journey, this is a great mix of a city tour and gastronomy experience.

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Custom your local maps and share them with friends

Sharing is receiving, right? And because you are travel-savvy guys, I’m sure your friends have seeked your advice at least once. Why not use Roam to create maps about anything you’ve experienced from your own roaming and share with your friends, or even with the world? Romantic places, parks to walk your dog, great places for street food, etc.

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Want to get a live, more nuanced translation?

InstanT is a translation app that connects users with a community of 1,100 interpreters. Users simply select two languages and the app will then match with an interpreter who listens  to the conversation and translates. Now we are all speaking in the same language!

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Seeking for outdoor adventures at your destination

Embark allows you to find unique adventures, book tours with local guides and share experiences with a community of passionate travellers like you. Read the true stories, and then take a true adventure with experienced tour guides, sounds good?

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