Volvo Trucks Introduces An All-Electric Garbage Truck

This truck will haul away your trash quietly.

Volvo Trucks is rolling out another electric truck in Europe as it continues to push into alternative fuel vehicle development.

The Swedish company, not related to the automaker with the same name, said it will launch Volvo FE Electric garbage truck sales with a body developed with Faun, a European refuse equipment builder. The new vehicle will start collecting trash early next year in Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city.

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Here are some specs released for the Volvo FE Electric:

  • Fully electrically-powered truck for distribution, refuse collection and other applications in urban conditions, GVW 27 tons.
  • Driveline: Two electric motors with 370 kW max power (260 kW cont. power) with a Volvo 2-speed transmission. Max torque electric motors 850 Nm. Max torque rear axle 28 kNm.
  • Energy storage: Lithium-ion batteries, 200-300 kWh.
  • Range: The Volvo FE Electric will have a gross vehicle weight of about 60,000 pounds and can also be used for distribution and other applications. It’s powered by two electric motors and will have a range of up to 125 miles.
  • The smaller Volvo FL Electric will have a range of up to 187 miles.

Earlier this year Volvo premiered its FL Electric truck lineup for what it called “urban distribution.” The company said the vehicle was entering operations in Gothenburg, Sweden, the city where Volvo is based.

Volvo said it is looking at introducing electric trucks in the U.S. but hasn’t provided any details or outlined a timeframe.

Source: Electrek.co