Volkswagen’s Golf GTE Sport Concept Is Their Most Alluring Car Yet

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Volkswagen fan boys and girls rejoice: Wolfsburg’s newest concept is sexy, sporty, eco-friendly, and looks like outer space.

Perhaps it’s the scissor doors, or maybe it’s the low slung chassis and the aggressive looking LED headlights. Either way, VW is showing that it means business with the Golf GTE Sport Concept.


The concept for this sensually styled two-door hatch is armed with a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. Sounds standard, but the Polo R WRC race lent its screaming 295 horsepower four-pot to this futuristic car’s powertrain.

While the gearhead goodness doesn’t stop here, this next part will also pique the interest of the environmentally minded as well: the GTE Sport Concept’s gas engine is mated with two electric motors, one going to the front wheels with 113 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque and and another with 113 hp 200 lb-ft to the back. Together, the hybrid drivetrain produces 500 lb-ft spread among all four wheels.


The environmentalist might think that this setup seems entirely configured for speed. They would be partially correct, but fortunately advancing technology is making it possible to be gentler on the environment while attaining superior 0-60 times.

On electric power alone, the concept has a range of 31 miles. With frugal driving, one can expect 118 mpg from the combined efforts of all power plants.

Within the spaceship-esque cockpit, an operator will have access to a variety of drive settings, including E-Mode, Hybrid Mode, and GTE-Mode. It’s also a plug-in, so those facing commutes with bumper to bumper traffic may not have to use a drop of gas on the way to or from work, especially if their employer provides charging ports in the parking lot.


Like the BMW i8, the Golf GTE Concept seeks to marry more sustainable techniques of car building with attributes native to a traditional sports car. While it is just a concept, Volkswagen already makes the stonking fast Golf R, so a fast hybrid hatch isn’t much of a departure for the maker of the “peoples’ car.”

The future of travel is here, and luckily one neither has to sacrifice love for the environment or speed to drive this green and sexy hybrid.

Source: Car and Driver
Photo Source: Hypebeast

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