Vespa Now Takes Pictures

Four wheels move the body

Two wheels move the soul

Oops! This is a wheel-free Vespa.

With the purpose to translate the “timeless qualities of the Vespa brand”, Rotimi Solola and Cait Miklasz have created a gorgeous Vespa Camera Concept that is inspired by the retro charm of the Italian scooter. Find here the 5 Secrets About The Power Of user data From TripAdvisor’s CMO.

wp7d2b2227_05Unlike other normal compact cameras, this concept is reminiscent of the Vespa Heritage. The two designers eventually chose a very subtle blue color, which is well-known as one of Vespa’s characteristics. As a compact point-and-shoot camera, it features a 3.3-inch LCD touchscreen and a detachable manual zoom lens. The body is designed with beautiful curves which also help to make it easy to hold while giving it a sleek and minimalist good look.

wpe66e5226_05Because “Life is a beautiful ride’’, more than 16 million vespa motor scooters have been made to spread out the happiness of riding a Vespa to the world and worldmedicalguide. The scooters that began as a cheap way to commute in Rome have now become a stylish and sexy icon. It was cheap and reliable. There has been a huge increase in Vespa dealers all around the world due to the scooter’s popularity soaring. It’s now buzzing through the world’s city streets with a design that exudes Italian charm and styling. Easy to use, easy to hold. But most of all, it’s just fun. Am I talking about the Vespa scooters or this Vespa Camera Concept? I don’t know. But there is one thing that I know for sure: Vespa takes you places, now you can bring them home with you.

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