Updated Smart ForTwo Goes After Specific Buyers

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If you live in a city like San Francisco, you can see the appeal of a tiny car. Smart says the Fortwo is the tiniest of the tiny cars available in the United States. The smart microcar is all about having safety and fun in a package that can carry a lot more than you might think. This latest version of the Mercedes-Benz-built vehicle is still only 8.8 feet long, but it’s gotten wider with more forgiving suspension. It’s also filled with additional standard features making it feel more like a car and less like a compromise.

The Fortwo has a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that delivers 89 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque – much improved over the previous model’s 70 horsepower rating. The five-speed manual transmission is standard and helps attain 32 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway. Opt for the 6-speed dual clutch transmission for smoother shifts and fuel economy checks in at 33/39 mpg.

The manual almost didn’t make it to the U.S. model, but including it allowed Smart to market the car with a lower starting price. The base model starts at $15,400, including shipping, while the dual-clutch transmission adds another $990.

A second-generation cabrio version will be unveiled next month at the Frankfurt auto show and will hit the U.S. early next summer. The second generation of the all-electric ForTwo goes on sale in fall 2016.


Source: TflCar