Unexpected Flight Delays Won’t Get You Down Thanks to Lumos

Customers, consumers and businesses have had more than their fair share of complaints with flight delays. Even the best airlines can only be 88% punctual with their flight times and 30% at their very worst. While this statistic offers some understanding of expecting delays, they always happen most infuriatingly.

What can consumers do? Well, they can claim compensation for the delay or cancellation. But it’s more about wanting to anticipate the issues before they happen, giving you time to plan around. Both the annoyances and the desire to expect flight delays are in the mind of Lumo and its JetBlue support.

Lumo and JetBlue to peer into the future of flight delays

The Boston-based company, Lumo, has promised airlines and consumers with its technology. One which pledges to peer into the future and anticipate delays and interruptions to flights, giving each an unfortunate heads-up. It’s more than enticed companies, which have contributed to a successful $2.3million in seed capital to make foresight a reality.

One of the largest providers was JetBlue, the California-based investment section of JetBlue Airways. This news is far more than just good news for companies that want to take more action in countering delays. Consumers are already able to use Lumo’s detection software to see whether their flights are one of the unfortunate ones to be delayed.

It’s a growing area of development for airlines to branch into, and it’s seen with Qantas recently too. Their application of flight management and disruptions software called Amadeus which Qantas picked up in 2016.