UberPedal Will Drag Your Bike Around Town For A $5 Surcharge

Bicycling is fun. Everyone knows that. Though the health benefits of exercise are clear, hectic schedules make fitting in workouts difficult. A great solution is to work physical activity into your everyday routine. Instead of taking the car to work, turn your commute into a daily workout: take out your bike and cycle to work. It sounds like a great idea, isn’t it?

But sometimes, a long day with non-stop meetings and troubles at work may take away all of your vitality and strength. And the cycle trip back home seems impossible.

Understanding your situation, Uber app in Seattle has launched its UberPedal Service, which will help you drag your bike around town with only $5 surcharge. Tap the button and an UberX with a bike rack will pick you up. The cars are equipped with Saris’s racks that fit two bikes, so maybe you can bring along a friend and split the cost.

I’m more and more in love with Uber. How about you? Share your comments with us.