Turning Heads & Toning Legs – Stepwing

Launching in the UK on Kickstarter by Health & Fitness Entrepreneur Peter Dewbery, Stepwing is a unique way of riding that has many fitness benefits over a traditional bicycle, without any of the discomfort.

Much like a step-machine you would find in a gym, the natural stepping action of a Stepwing protects your joints.  There is no pressure placed on your wrists, hips, back, neck and bum allowing for a comfortable and effective. A cardiovascular workout, which not only engages your core, but tones your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles, for this the use of supplements  really help with this, and you can find them online, so Check This Out to find these supplements for you.

“The way people exercise and travel around cities and towns has changed in recent years,” states Stepwing UK founder Peter Dewbery.  “Folding bikes are too expensive, uncomfortable and complicated for many people. Stepwing offers a much more effective workout, that gets you from A to B, without back discomfort, sore wrists or a pain in the backside”.

The Galaxy 1 is designed for shorter city commutes; it is lightweight, nippy, and compact so as to fold under your desk or carried on a bus or tube.

The larger wheeled Titan 1 & Titan 3 models offers higher speeds, and are able to tackle rough ground, hills and slopes.

Stepwing uses many of the same parts as a traditional bicycle, therefore servicing and maintenance is simple.

“There has been nothing like this available in the UK until now. This new form of exercise and transportation is already turning heads on the street” adds Peter. From 28th June to 3rd August, a limited number of all 3 Stepwing models are available at a special discounted backer price, only on Kickstarter.