Mandla Kubheka entered into the civil construction industry for road building and renewal to play his part in keeping the roads of South Africa functioning and safe. The volume of road users increases every day and without regular maintenance and upkeep, without businesses dedicated to sustaining them, they will succumb to wear and tear. 

Countries are judged by their roads, especially those countries where citizens and businesspeople rely so heavily on their own transportation commuting to and from work. Also, a long term strategy needs to be adopted to maintain roads, instead of a patchwork approach.


Not limiting themselves to the civil construction on roads, Tsatsi Lehlabile plans to look towards harbour construction in the future. Mandla believes that harbours, ports and sea transport will become increasingly important in the future as road and airport transport becomes saturated. Sea transportation provides a  smooth and safe means to transport goods and materials as long as the ports and harbours have the correct equipment and design. 


Staff members and workers are employed based on their experience in the field although hands on training is provided. They are also an equal opportunities employer, providing training and subcontract work for women and people with disabilities. 

This is important to Mandla who has built his business from scratch and understands how vital job opportunities are for people in developing communities who may have historically been disadvantaged and unable to gain the required skill sets.  


Roads and infrastructure are only going to get busier and Mandla’s business has been positioned to keep itself poised to take on the challenges. In the upcoming year much of their work is being targeted to world governments and private business sectors ranging from civil construction contracts to airport parking. Online Casinos Not on Gamstop UK https://casinos-not-on-gamstop.com/ – Free spins, no deposit bonus. 

“Build enough roads and you can connect the world,” Mandla says. 

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ADDRESS: 1182 Ext 1 Rockdale Middleburg 1050