Tripda Debuts Its Business In U.S.A

Last October, TechDrive introduced you to Tripda, a great tool that connects people who need a ride to drivers who have empty seats, so that they can meet new people and save money by sharing their costs. At that time, Tripda had become very popular in Southern America as well as headed to Asia.

And now, Tripda is ready to hit U.S.A!

Although the business concept of Tripda is pretty new in Southern America and Asian Markets, it’s not new in the U.S. San Francisco-based Zimride worked on the problem for about five years before deciding that it was easier to get users to adopt ride-sharing for intercity travel and launched Lyft as a result. But Vaxman, CEO of North America, believes there will be more demand as time goes on, particularly among college students and young professional who are increasingly moving to urban areas without buying cars.

The company’s initial focus on the U.S. will be on trying to get users in the Northeast and Midwest to start using the service. It hopes to benefit from launching around the holidays, when a number of people travel home to visit family. But marketplaces are competitive, and this type of travel is largely seasonal in nature, so it could take a while for the company to really take off.

For Tripda’s User Guideline, click here to read more.

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