Transformation | Customizing Your Phone Is As Easy As Playing A Puzzle

Do more of what makes you happy.

If solving a puzzle makes you happy, then keep solving. Or customizing your phone makes you happy, then keep customizing to each situation.

Google’s Project Ara  is not the only group working on modular smartphones. A new Finnish startup called Circular Devices is hoping to launch its Puzzlphone in 2015. idea is to allow users to replace parts at will, giving their phone the power of infinite life rather than needing a replacement every one or two or three years. Puzzlphone, the name of their modular phone, is able to offer a wider range of customization in comparison to Google Ara, and they claim it is capable of lasting up to 10 years.

The prototype is built around three modules: the spine, the heart and the brain. The heart is the battery portion of the device, while the brain is the processor and camera. The spine is everything else. There is no limit to options for your smartphone. For example: you want a larger battery today, and a beefier brain the next day. It all depends on what you need. The modularity allows you to freely create/upgrade the exact device that you want for a given situation. smartphone uses Android running with a Linux kernel, created by Linus Torvalds, a well known Finnish programmer, with an Open Source to any developer who is interested in the project.

This video demonstrates how they produce the Puzzlphone:

“The power of imagination makes us infinite” — John Muir

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