Toyota 3D Printed Engine and Transmission

You can download this 3D printable engine and transmission now!

3D printing is taking a moment to become a household product, but when it takes, and it will, it’s going to make shopping instantaneous. Printing products from blue prints isn’t a hard concept to accept, and some people already have applied this to their car. So when discovering that Toyota had a transmission that you could download and build my pupils dilated. has a library of products you can download and print at home, as long as you have your own 3D printer, and they’re all free. On the site you can find the transmission that is free to download and comes with directions to assemble it yourself.

It’s a working W56 five-speed transmission for a Toyota 22RE engine used in vehicles like the 4Runner, Hilux, Celica and Corona. Brilliantly designed by thingverse user  Eric Harrell on a smaller scale which really inspires the idea of where we can go with 3D printing all together.

You won’t be able to use the model in an actual car of course, considering it’s made of plastic, but nonetheless it’s a remarkable product that works exactly like the real thing. Even more incredible you can download the engine itself.

3D printers are on sale now for anywhere from 800 to thousands of dollars. Making that investment could be a good one and perhaps soon we’ll see more machines being made conveniently in your home.