Road Safety

The Vehicle Technology That’s Improving Road Safety

Every year, 6,000 road-based fatalities are caused by fatigue in the United States. The advantages of travelling on a motorbike are notable. However, when it comes to road safety, City Safety Technology, which is used in cars, leads the way. The technology has already lowered the number of accident claims by nearly 30% and Volvo, who use the technology in their modern models, have pledged that none of their cars will be involved in a fatal crash from 2020. So far, things are looking very promising.

Get up to speed with City Safety Technology

The purpose of City Safety Technology is to assist vehicle drivers with awareness, signalling any sudden or easy-to-miss movements near the car. The technology uses an internal camera with a radar to identify any sudden or obscured movements. For pedestrians in particular this adds an extra degree of reassurance and safety, and could help lower the number of pedestrians killed in car crashes, which is currently 6,000 per year. Meanwhile, given how relatively high drivers sit in modern SUVs and other large cars, City Safety Technology can help alert drivers to movement in their blind spot.

The automatic braking system

City Safety Technology incorporates its own automatic braking system, which will kick into action in the case of an imminent collision. The technology will alert the driver of any potential collision first, as soon as it detects the movement. It shines lights in the driver’s field of vision, prompting him or her to react. If their reaction isn’t prompt enough, the automatic braking system is triggered, slowing down the car by 50%. If the car is still set to collide, the technology slows the car right down and, if need be, brings it to a standstill. However, if the driver reacts appropriately, they will still have full control of the car. This situation can still result in injury and, if it was caused through no fault of your own, you may want to look at getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer illinois or a law firm in your state.

How City Safety Technology can prevent a crash

City Safety Technology can prevent a collision when any movement is at 28 mph or less; it can drastically lessen the impact of a collision when movement is faster than this. For anyone that has been involved in a collision, this can be quite a shocking experience. When you set out on the road, you never think something like this will happen to you, but unfortunately, accidents like these happen too often. If you have been a victim of a vehicle collision, after seeking medical attention, you could (if this is the route you want to go down) speak to a personal injury lawyer, as they could help you get the compensation you deserve. With this being as simple as choosing to find help here, for example, you may be able to get your life back on track, especially if this accident has left you with injuries that affect your everyday life.

City Safety Technology will kick in at various moments, including when the car unknowingly turns left when a blind-sided pedestrian or cyclist is coming head-on at the same time. It’s hoped that the use of these technologies can prevent situations that would require an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer to step in, but it is early days yet for the City Safety Technology. Still, the technology can also sense any unexpected movements, such as when vehicles swerve into your lane, or when pedestrians suddenly cross the road in front of you.

City Safety Technology: living up to its name

City Safety Technology can help make drivers feel more confident behind the wheel, while keeping pedestrians and cyclists safer as a result. The Technology is showing encouraging signs when it comes to improving road safety and, at the moment, Volvo are on course to make good on the pledge.