The Stars Within Reach – Space Travel by 2018

Jeff Bezos has been a pivotal character in multiple spaces of the market including and beyond Amazon. Few companies have advertised holidays like Virgin or Amazon’s Bezos, however, putting space among selectable destinations. But in a recent interview with CNBC, Bezos, whose company, Blue Origin seeks to make some serious headway.

At the 34th space symposium, head of Blue Origin, Bob Smith stated that its recent push for tourist travel is possible. And may even be possible by the late months of 2018, making for the strangest and most revolutionary travel destination we can take.

Stars Within Reach – Space Travel by Blue Origin

In a video from Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin’s ‘New Shepard’ showcases how to travel into Earth’s upper atmosphere. Boosting up at Mach 3, and able to transport a total of six people to take a revolutionary trip.

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While passengers are expected to pay anywhere from $100-200,000 per trip and undergo two days of training for the trip. Unlike other, more conventional trips, those experiencing sub-space travel, will need to endure initially powerful G-forces. By Blue Origin’s website, New Shepard will take tourists above and beyond altitudes possible from airlines.

In comparison to speeds and altitudes of a Boeing 747 or Concorde, which fly at heights of 35-60,000 feet and Mach speeds of 0.85-2. Blue Shepard will have passengers travelling upward at Mach 3, achieving an overall altitude of 328,084 feet, known as the Kármán Line.