The Most Effective Way To Remove Rust From Any Surface

You will have seen rust many times. It is a red-brown colour coating that can appear on metal. While it may appear normal, rust is a reaction between the metal, moisture in the air, and oxygen. All these ingredients are present naturally and the process is known as oxidization

In short, it will happen to any metal surface that is unprotected. What you may not realize is that there is more than one type of rust. But, regardless of what type of rust you are dealing with, the effect is the same. The metal will be weakened and ultimately incapable of completing its task. 

If you notice rust on any surface then you’ll want to remove it and re-coat the surface, this will help to protect it from future corrosion. The question is, what is the most effective way to remove the rust?

Abrasive Cleaning

If the item is movable then it can be taken to a specialist in abrasive cleaning. When the metal item is placed inside a special container it is bombarded with particles. In most cases, sand is used although other minerals are an option depending on the surface being cleaned. 

The abrasive material hits the rust on the surface of the metal with enough force to dislodge it. But, because it is carefully controlled, it does no damage to the item. Of course, it can’t repair any pitting that has already occurred, but it will remove the rust to stop any further damage.  

This will help to ensure the life of the item is as long as possible.

Elbow Grease

If the item can’t be moved into a chamber for abrasive cleaning then you may prefer to adopt the old-fashioned method. That means locating the rust and sanding it with sandpaper. It’s advisable to use a high-grade paper first and then move down to a softer one. This helps to leave a good finish.

The thicker the rust the more difficult this process will be, it takes time to sand any structure. 

Naturally, once you have finished sanding it and removing all the rust you’ll want to coat the metal with a seal to prevent the rust from returning. 


There are a number of rust removing solutions on the market. These items contain chemicals that damage the connection between the rust and the metal, allowing the rust to be brushed off. 

However, these are chemicals which means they can affect the finish underneath. That’s why it is important to verify what chemical you are using and to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first. 

You should also note that some of these cleaners are bio-degradable, meaning they don’t have a negative impact on the environment. These should be the chemicals of choice. 

Final Thought

Removing rust can be surprisingly easy but the only way you will prevent it from coming back is to treat it afterwards and monitor it regularly. This will help to ensure your metal object can continue to perform its duty for many more years.