The Electric Hydrofoil Flies With Finesse

Commuting for most of us isn’t too interesting, and can be rather tiresome. Unless you live in Denmark, that ferry is likely a diesel-powered craft—and you often feel perturbed about that during the electric-unicycle ride from the boat terminal to your office.

The Hydrofoill is an attempt to offer a compromise between fun and environmental friendliness with an electric engine still capable of moving at high speeds. It rides on c-foil pontoons that lift the boat out of the water so its hull doesn’t touch the surface, thus reducing drag and allowing faster travel. The electric motor provides thrust at as much as 21 knots, and can be charged for a trip of up to 100km in under two hours.

The vessel has a sleek, futuristic look and runs as quietly as hybrid cars, which can mean better wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities without engine noise to frighten the local wildlife. The c-foil structure is designed to keep the Hydrofoil horizontal even under heavy chop, and to absorb shock from collisions with other watercraft. The hollow hull is built from lighter-than-water materials, so the ship is literally unsinkable. Just in case, it ships with two adult life jackets, paddle and safety whistle.

Considering its size and height, the vessel has a shallow draft — only 6 inches when in raised position — which gives it a wider variety of range. Most ships its size can’t navigate shallow runs, but the Hydrofoil can go most places a canoe or even kayak can.

Hydrofoil has been available for pre-orders since October, with shipping of the first consumer order expected in March of 2015. Retail price is 15,000 Euros (about 18,000 USD).

Source: Wired