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The Best Theft Protection Tech for Cars

Technology has come a long way to prevent car theft, yet it does still happen from time to time. Depending on how well you protect your car, you may be eligible for insurance rebates or lowered premiums, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Protecting your car is vital as it is a major asset that gets you from point A to point B. There are so many protection tech devices for cars to prevent theft that it’s hard to know which is the best. This article will make it easier for you by looking at top of the best devices available.

Kill Switch

A very cost-effective way to keep your car protected is with a hidden kill switch. This electronic device has to be programmed into your ignition switch. The way it works is that once the car has been running for a short period a small beeper will go off. If you don’t switch this beeper then the engine will cut off. 

Install the switch in a very secretive hiding place where only you know where it is. Install an additional light that can be seen from outside of the car. This will help to discourage any thieves because they will see that the car is equipped with a kill switch. Rather than take a chance looking for the hidden switch, most thieves will just walk away.

Program a Smart Key

Smart keys are essentially keyless car locks that don’t need a physical key to open. Working on radio frequency and pulses that are generated from antennas in the car, you would only be able to open and lock the door with a key fob. This technology uses a smart algorithm that changes the signal each time the car is opened or locked. This means that even skilled tech hackers will have a tough time breaking through.

Just make sure that you never lose that device because the car will not even turn on without it. If you become abandoned without a way to open or drive your car then you will need automotive key services. Based in Mississauga, EZ Car Locksmith can help you in a jiffy. They offer roadside assistance, automotive key replacement, and ignition opening so that you can operate your car again. Experienced with every single make and model of car, EZ Car Locksmith also uses the highest quality products.

GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are not only useful to find a car that has been stolen; they can also delay the thief’s efforts in their tracks. If the car is started up without your key, you will receive a notification on your smartphone to tell you that someone else is inside. 

From your smartphone, you can easily switch the engine off and send out automatic messages to the relevant authorities with your car’s location.  A good quality GPS tracker will go for anywhere between $50 to $100, but you also pay a fee monthly to keep the online service activated.

Car theft protection devices are easily accessible and inexpensive and everyone driving a car should try to install one of these pieces of technology.