Road Trip

The Best Cars for Road-Tripping – What to Look for In a New Vehicle

Are you a fan of road-tripping? Do you find yourself heading out onto the open road many times throughout the year? Do you love being able to plot your itinerary, discovering all kinds of hidden gems along the way? If so, there’s one thing you can do to make your road-tripping holidays more enjoyable and that’s to invest in a car that is ideal for this style of travel. That’s right, the vehicle you use for your road trip adventures can help make or break the holiday, so it’s well worth investigating further.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the key features to insist on when purchasing a new car meant for road-tripping. 

Fuel Consumption

At the top of the list is fuel consumption. If you’re planning to drive a lot, you want to know that the vehicle is good on gas, offering excellent highway mileage. This will be a huge money-saver, and it means less time will be spent searching for a gas station to fill up.

Consider Eco-Friendly Cars

Another tip is to consider eco-friendly cars, meaning either fully electric or hybrid models. The fully electric model will mean you no longer have to pay for gas, but some people worry that the charge time may not be ideal for road-tripping. If that’s the case, a hybrid vehicle makes sense, as you’ll still save money on fuel consumption but this style of vehicle uses both electric and gas-powered systems. It takes some of that worry off your shoulders when heading out for a long journey.

This guide from Compare can help you wade into the waters of eco-friendly cars, highlighting the most popular electric and hybrid vehicles of 2021. It compares such details as the MPG/MPGe, the price, the powertrain (hybrid or electric), warranty details and standout features. It’s exactly what you need to narrow down your list of potential candidates in the electric or hybrid category.

Cargo Space Is Essential

Because you’ll be traveling with luggage and essentials, having adequate cargo space will also be a must-have. While a hatchback vehicle may be cute and great on gas, it’s not exactly impressive when it comes to cargo space. Think about how much “stuff” you travel with and ensure the vehicle can accommodate you.

How Many Passengers Will You Have?

Speaking of space, that leads to the next question – how many passengers will be traveling with you? Will you be heading out on mostly solo road trips, or with friends or your own family including kids and pets? There’s a huge difference in the amount of space you need between each of those scenarios. And let’s not forget, not only does everyone need enough space, but they need to feel comfortable and not crammed together.

Do You Want Entertainment Features?

Typically, in-car entertainment is meant for those who will be traveling with passengers, especially kids who can get pretty bored during a road trip. Looking for a car with entertainment features can help to make the trip a lot more enjoyable, and help prevent boredom. Below are some of the entertainment features you may want to include:

  • Built-in television screens with DVD player
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Satellite radio
  • Bluetooth compatibility to play your music playlist
  • Multiple USB charging plugs for everyone’s devices

As technology continues to advance, you can expect to see a lot more of these entertainment features and systems offered. 

Interior That Is Easy to Clean

It’s quite normal to enjoy snacks and beverages in the car while driving, and that also means messes can happen. So, a good tip is to look for an interior that is easy to keep clean. If it has a fabric interior, be sure to get a stain guard coating so that cleanups are simple.

The Ultimate Driver’s Seat

As the driver, you want to know you’ll be comfortable for long periods at a time, so there are some features you may want to look for in the seat. For example, you want to be sure the seat is adjustable in many different ways and that it has excellent and adjustable lumbar support. You will also want plenty of cushioning, and you may even want to look into heated seats.

A Backup Camera Provides Another Layer of Safety

Backup cameras have become a very popular feature on vehicles as they give you that added layer of safety. This can be even more helpful when you’re in areas that you aren’t familiar with and could use as much vision as possible.

Hands-Free Capability

Finally, you want to look for a vehicle that offers Bluetooth/hands-free capability to chat on your phone. Many also offer voice commands nowadays so you can also operate your radio and make phone calls with voice commands.

If you’re already planning all your road trips for 2022, you may also want to give thought to the vehicle you plan on using. Looking for a car that includes all the above-mentioned features means you’ll be as comfortable as possible while on the road.