Tesla To Introduce ‘Premium’ Connectivity Packages Starting July 1

Starting July 1, Tesla will be introducing new premium connectivity packages for the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. According to the California-based electric car maker, Tesla owners who order their vehicles from July 1 moving forward will have the option to select between a “Premium Connectivity” package and a “Standard Connectivity” package. The new internet packages would be rolled out to all of Tesla’s markets, including Europe, Australia, and Asia. If you want to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity check this Wifi Extender Buying Guide.

Tesla also says that Model S and Model X vehicles ordered on or after July 1st will receive a year of free ‘Premium Connectivity package’. Model 3 vehicles with the premium interior, which is a $5,000 option and the only current Model 3 interior in production, will also get the same deal.

At the end of the year, they will get the option to purchase the package or revert to standard connectivity via the center touchscreen.

The Premium Connectivity package includes satellite maps with live traffic visualizations and satellite-view maps. In-car streaming music and media, as well as over-the-air updates via cellular data, are also included in the package, together with other applications and services that are set to be introduced in the future. It’s a good thing Tesla just added WiFi access to the Model 3, then.

Full pricing and details are expected to be announced soon, but Tesla expects the internet package to cost roughly $100 per year, or $8.34 per month.

Source: Teslarati