TechDrive Magazine October Issue

TechDrive Magazine October Issue

Innovation is the key to both business success and personal happiness. And, we are fortunate to find ourselves in a time where both of these can be aggressively developed. 

The mentality that defined the early 21st century was very much a case of directing technology to get more out of employees. Advancements were made that made individual parts of a job easier and so employers expected staff to produce twice as many results. They justified this by rationalising that if the job was easier then surely you should work twice as fast. 

Before businesses could realise the value of using technology to make our jobs easier so that we can spend more time on our own lives, it took the introduction of an entirely new generation into the workforce.

The Millennial Generation and then Generation Y entered the workforce with an entitled idea that they deserved what they wanted when they wanted it. Then, they quickly earned the reputation for being lazy and doing the least amount of work to finish a job. The leaders of this generation therefor use technology to do their jobs for them. The mentality is to work smarter rather than harder. So, when targets are raised by bosses and expectations are high, instead of sweating it out they find a way to make their tech work for them. Not because they are particularly ambitious but because they believe they are entitled to choose their own lifestyles.

As broad-stroke generalisations go, this is pretty wide, but my point is that innovation has become more about making life easier and safer. There is a new business philosophy today which has less to do with the bottom line and more to do with making the future better. Businesses are dedicating themselves to going green, industries are actively looking at ways to reduce office and today “convenience” and “innovation” are the big business words.

In this issue we’ve featured the greatest innovators in a range of industries. The businesses that are truly outstanding in their field. Those with the greatest vision for the future who are not only keeping their industries alive but helping them evolve with the times. rentgirls 

It’s a great time to be involved in business.