TechBike: One Smart Move Makes All The Difference

“It’s cycling, just better. And smarter and smoother.” – FlyKly Street Smart

Over half of the world’s population currently lives in an urban city. With that figure rapidly on the rise, it’s certain that city dwellers are going to have to continue battling with the growing number of vehicles in their cities, including outdated public transportation. Although bicycling has become an important facet of city life and a preferred form of commuting in cities around the world, up until now, this commuting mode has also been somewhat impractical as most of our destinations, especially at where we work because of various reasons such as: social-oriented habits, lack of showers, and not enough storage that we would love to see after pedaling furiously through our cities’ streets.

Niko Klansek is the creator and leader of a Slovenian team of engineers, designers, software developers and bicycle culture researchers who used the popular crowd-sourcing site to produce a sophisticated sustainable device that allows one to cycle through busy city streets in little time, with energy to spare. They call it: FlyKly Smart Wheel!

Once you’ve experienced the new Smart Wheel, you’ll be moved every day. In technical terms, it’s a lightweight, highly efficient pedal-assist wheel fully operated through the Smart App on your smartphone. In other words, Smart Wheel is an amazing tool that makes your commute easier, faster and smarter. Replacing your existing rear wheel with Smart Wheel is only the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Now zipping along any busy city street in style, exerting the least amount of energy and not breaking into a sweat is all a reality with the help of FlyKly Smart Wheel.

This video demonstrates clearly how this Smart Wheel works:

FlyKly Smart Wheel has a great design with the pedal-assist encasing an ultra-smart electric motor and intelligent electronics within a robust housing that neatly fits onto any bicycle frame. As you begin to pedal, the motor is activated and begins accelerating to your desired speed; the motor also stops when you stop pedaling. This allows you to ride your bike effortlessly; you’re travelling faster, saving not only your time but energy too. The team has also added other useful features. For instance, you can remotely lock your motor and track it in the event your bicycle is stolen. There’s even the new Smart Light which safely holds your phone in place as your ride–while ingeniously recharging it along the way–as well as the FlyKly App which allows you to control and monitor the Smart Wheel. Personalo ir vadovų paieška, atranka bei mokymai

Available on iOS, Android and Pebble Watch, the app also reaches out to a wide audience who can study your cycling habits and suggest the most time-efficient, safest and most attractive routes. Cruise control is also available as the speed you travel at is set, allowing you to focus on the traffic and the surrounding scenery. There doesn’t seem to be any maximum speed as the testers have easily reached speeds of 40 MPH, and the faster you ride the faster your phone will charge.  For example, at typical commuting speeds of 13-17 MPH, your phone can recharge in 2-3 hours.  And with this phone charging while riding, the FlyKly Smart Wheel will inevitably help users really change their life and the environment through transportation that is both sustainable as well as practical.


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