Tech-In-Dressing| Stay Fully Charged Wherever You Go With This Jacket

“If it weren’t for rock’n’roll, I wouldn’t be a designer” — Tommy Hilfiger

But what Tommy Hilfiger has made is not exactly rock’n’roll jackets.

The American Fashion Company has partnered with solar company Pvillion to create jackets fitted with solar panels and battery packs, which will definitely help you to rock’n’roll anywhere, anytime. “I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to build some kind of lifestyle brand that was preppy and cool”.




It is very cool! The jackets come in male and female versions and their limited edition is retailing at $599 each. Featured by a tartan design, the Tommy Hilfiger solar jackets are completely waterproof with flexible solar panels that snap on and off easily. A cable runs to the battery pack in one of the front pockets, which in turn has a double USB port, enabling you to charge two devices at once.

At full charge, the jacket can power your smartphone or tablet up to four times–more than enough time to read my TechDrive articles!

As much as I love Tesla, all I want for my birthday is this Tommy Hilfiger jacket. I’m extremely excited to see that solar technology has been implemented onto more and more stuffs. Also, 50% of your purchases will go to Hilfiger’s Fresh Air Fund for underprivileged children. Thanks, Tommy!

“I’m a designer of more than clothes. I’m a designer of a very creative concept” — Tommy Hilfiger

There is no doubt on what he has been doing for decades.

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