Taking Travel Liberties With The PAL-V Flying Car

While the concept art that’s emerging over flying cars and future airports for flying taxis remains spectacular, they stay fiction. But the leap from paper to the real thing has been achieved, with more to come in the future. So far, few come to minds such as Terrafugia’s Transition and the more recent Liberty.

The test vehicle represents more of a Gyrocopter compared to other flying car concepts. But the PAL-V Liberty from a Dutch company represents the recent idea turned reality. From its design, it looks like a mixture between a three-wheeled car and a flying vehicle.

Bringing the Liberty to flying travel with the PAL-V

Around the same size as a small car when driving on the road, the PAL-V is one of the first cars capable [theoretically] of flight. The vehicle boasts two separate engines, making it capable of road speeds of 100 miles per hour. It also has a second engine specifically for flight, and according to the European Aviation Safety Agency, its free to fly.

For international buyers, the car is also approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration for aerial travel across America. Along with the two engines, drivers will also need to be pilots, with the licenses to prove it wherever the PAL is driven.

Flying cars are going through an era of frantic activity, with companies moving from plans to manufacturing. While companies like Uber are drafting up truly exciting premises for the future of commuting and air travel.