Synthetic Motor Oil: What Are the Different Types?

It is a big mistake to think that all motor oils are on the same level. Performance is the main reason why your oil choice should always be a priority. When judging the best available options, synthetic may have the edge. 

Moving Away from Conventional Oil

After years of competitiveness, synthetic motor oil has finally taken the lead away from conventional motor oil. This also explains the popularity of oil change American fork and surrounding businesses. The success didn’t happen overnight, as drivers needed proof to see the effectiveness of synthetic oil. It started at the professional level with NASCAR sponsorship, then moved its way down to employees that used diesel engines. Over time, normal consumers saw the benefits of synthetic oil as it became the recommended choice by major car manufacturers. Everyone is seeing the difference, and as a result both old and new vehicles are in much better shape. 


Think of synthetic blend oil as the best of both worlds. It starts with synthetic base stocks and then adds conventional motor oils to round everything out. This is a great choice for drivers that don’t want to 100% commit to full synthetic oil. In the past, this half step up was used for compatibility reasons instead of personal ones. Older vehicles ran into this problem, and that led to the creation of synthetic blend oil. With the improvements made by modern synthetic motor oil, compatibility is no longer an issue.  You don’t need to take any special steps to make the change, and all engines are compatible. As a half measure, there are very few special case scenarios where a blend will be a better choice than full. 


Full synthetic oil is the recommended way to go if you’re serious about the health of your vehicle. Changing from conventional to full synthetic won’t cause any problems with your engine. Special additives are included in this mix that boost overall engine performance. On top of the improvements, you’ll gain a higher level of protection for a longer amount of time. This all sounds good, but be wary that there is a little more to the story – this is explained below. 

Quality Above All

Not all synthetic motor oils are created the same. Even if it’s synthetic, you don’t want to put unknown or generic motor oil in your car. To guarantee the highest quality synthetic oil, go to a mechanic or a car dealership.

But if you want to change the oil on your own, check out brands that promise optimal performance in every area. Synthetic motor oil is an overall improvement over conventional, and should never short change you in a specific area. Stay away from marketing buzzwords and focus solely on performance and protection for your vehicle. 

A Smart Change

Vehicles have evolved to the needs of their drivers, so drivers should return the favor with updated maintenance. Synthetic oil is the way to go, and it is never too late to make the change. When you value longevity, putting the right oil in your vehicle makes the biggest difference.