A Super Yacht That Any Millionaire Will Crave For

“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it” — David Lee Roth

This new 69m trimaran motor yacht is a perfect toy for any millionaire to enjoy their wealthy lifestyle. It’s called Subsee, and currently under development at the French design studio, Sylvian Vlau Design. Sadly, not everyone has the funds for a yacht as extravagant as this. With this being said, if you are planning on taking a trip to the Mediterranean and something you’ve always wanted to do is to cruise on a yacht, doing a quick google search into mediterranean yacht charter could help you on your way to finally being able to tick this off your bucket list! While you are booking your yacht, you may want to check out some famous yacht names, so you can name your yacht something fancy bringing your vacation to a new level.

a473f8afe9187603c27381dd2fdc08dc “This concept of long-traveling yachts is especially dedicated to leisure submarines. It’s made for exploration trips on dive places, or can be used for charter operations for customers interested by special spots difficult to reach with no support vessel,” explained Sylvian Vlau.

There are two dive boats and a heliport integrated into the design, making more choices for the crew to explore and enjoy. The configuration of this yacht offers a high cruise speed and long range compared to traditional megayachts. The propulsion set is based on a diesel-electric lifting system with built-in gensets on both side hulls for the cruise to be more silent and comfortable.

39c14b494de938089df87a7e58bb016845ead860d2f0aedbd5a1da2cdd4d893b9f78afcb87649ce1bcfe915db86bd69e052904b70b2d506942da2bd21672236eb92da244c3153f4a8c6ed1c3aa6e706cb7ad55694fadae20c6485ddf3fbb968cdfc586e324f549a8fee55fb97534fd01“My inspiration came from the design of space ships in science fiction movies. This concept is a breakthrough design, in which each innovation is configured to make the yacht more balanced and capable for any trip. I want people to look at it and say: Oh, it’s flying!”

Currently, there are no details about his business plan for the concept, but Sylvian Vlau said he has been contacted by many famous yacht companies for this design.

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